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For many people, the feeling of grittiness, dryness, burning, or even excessive tearing cannot be relieved simply with over the counter methods  It may be the sign of a chronic condition known as Dry Eye Syndrome.   Sumner Vision is an accredited Dry Eye Center.  This means that Dr. Sumner uses special testing equipment and clinical laboratory tests that most eye care offices do not have access to.    




For the dry eye exam,  Dr. Sumner  performs specific tests to determine the various forms of dry eye and tear film dysfunction.   Some of these tests include tear osmolarity testing,  refractive mapping of the corneal surface to measure irregularities,  tear film analysis to evaluate the integrity of the tear layer, spectral microscopy to determine cell count of the cornea, vital dye staining,  meibomian gland imaging, and inflammation marker testing using InflammaDry.


After appropriate in-depth testing,  Dr. Sumner is able to provide a customized treatment program for every patient.  Treatment regimens may include certain artificial tears, lubricating ointments, nutritional products such as omega 3,  hot compresses,  eyelid micro-exfoliation,  prescription drugs, both systemic and topical,  tear savers,  IPL (Intense pulsed light) therapy,  Lipiflow,  and eye lid washes.


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We strive to provide complete care for our patients, including comprehensive medical eye examinations, professional contact lens care,  treatment of Dry Eye and other eye diseases, Diabetic eyecare, and an Optical Service with in office lab. Learn more about all the services we provide.
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